septic tanks
How do septic tanks work?
Using a Tricel Vento as an example of how a septic tank work.
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septic tanks

How do septic tanks work?

You need to change your sewage treatment system and you are wondering how do septic tank works? The septic tanks use different technologies to treat the sewage of your house.

To illustrate this, we will use the example of the Tricel Vento. The Tricel Vento is a sewage treatment product manufactured and sold by Tricel in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Tricel Vento is a sewage treatment divided into two different chambers.

Three phases of treatment

The sewage from your home will go through these 3 phases, in order to be treated. All this before returning to the natural environment.

Phase 1: First of all, the water flows into chamber one and is diverted downwards with a T piece. The solids will drop to the bottom of the tank (and will become sludge after the first anaerobic breakdown).

Phase 2: Secondly, the lighter material and the liquid from sewage will flow into the second chamber. A layer of scum will be created at the top of the liquid water.

Phase 3: Finally, after the filtration of your sewage, these will go through the outlet filter to a final treatment in a specially designed percolation area. The percolation area will complete the treatment and allow your water to return, treated, in natural environments, without risk of environmental pollution.

If you want more information about how septic tanks work does, don’t hesitate to consult our dedicated brochure. If you want to purchase a septic tank Tricel Vento, you can contact our sales team directly.

Tricel Vento shallow dig tank

The Tricel Vento is a leader in the septic tanks market. It’s an ideal solution for sewage treatment when it’s combined with the right disposal system. There are many reasons, that can explain this market-leading position.

Tricel uses the latest technology in blow moulding (high-density polyethene) to manufacture the Tricel Vento septic tanks. Indeed, this high-qualitative production process will give exceptional attributes to this product. This product is characterized by its strength and durability.

Key features & benefits of the Tricel Vento shallow dig tank


  1. UK based company: To ensure local service and maintenance, this lays the foundation for a quality and responsive sales service.
  2. Size: Tricel offers a wide range of sizes. From 6 persons to 20 persons.
  3. Trustworthy: Tricel is in the wastewater business for 40 years.
  4. Efficiency: all our septic tanks are manufactured in adequacy with the EN12566-1:2007 standards.
  5. Easy to transport: the Tricel Vento is easy to transport and to manoeuvre due to its lightweight.
  6. Price: the septic tank light weight allows you to reduce the cost of the transport and of the installation.
  7. Compact: septics tanks have a low profile. Ideal for small gardens.
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Key Features


Strong & robust shallow dig tank. No electrical or moving parts

Fast delivery

UK manufactured ensuring short lead time


Tricel Vento is certified to EN12566-1

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