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Tricel Novo ideal for compact sites. Small footprint SMC tank, high quality materials and available in stock.

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Small domestic sewage treatment plant


Tricel manufactures & sells small domestic sewage treatment plants. With the decrease in the size of the plots. It has become difficult to manage the sewage treatment, in a traditional way (septic tank + spreading).

It is, however, necessary and obligatory to treat its wastewater. This is to protect the environment against pollution. Tricel has therefore developed a technology that can meet a sanitation need, even with a limited surface area. In addition, in a classic scheme (septic tank + spreading), a large space must be allocated for percolation area, which makes this area unusable for any activities.

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Tricel & small domestic sewage treatment plants

The small domestic sewage treatment plant Tricel Novo UK 6 is the bestseller of the brand. Praised by many individuals, professionals and communities. It is used to treat residential wastewater from 1 to 6 population equivalent (PE).

In addition, “Simple – Robust – Reliable” are the 3 words that best define the Novo UK 6 small domestic sewage treatment plant. Thanks to this philosophy focused on quality, the Tricel Novo UK 6 is the small domestic sewage treatment plant that offers the best value for money.

Furthermore, the small domestic sewage treatment plant, Novo UK 6 is a sewage treatment plant based on fixed culture wastewater treatment technology. This technology is known for its very good purification performance and excellent behaviour on load variations. Thanks to its self-regulating process, consisting of a bacterial bed combined with a sludge recirculation system.

The Tricel Novo UK 6 can also treat overloads when you have people coming to your house, or on the contrary when you are away. If you want more information about this process, please watch the video.

Advantages of the small domestic sewage treatment plant Tricel Novo UK 6.

The Tricel Novo UK 6, in addition to superior manufacturing qualities, has many advantages:

  • Footprint less than 5 m2 (Novo UK 6).
  • All in one tank, that means: easy to install and to maintain.
  • High-quality equipment (Japanese brand air compressor Nitto Kohki).
  • Delivered ready-to-use (all settings are made in the factory).
  • Silent (the sound of a new refrigerator).
  • Operating costs are reduced to a minimum (around £4-5 / month).
  • Reliable: long life of the materials (20 to 40 years).

In conclusion, the Tricel Novo UK6 sewage treatment plant will offer you, everything you need in terms of domestic sanitation.

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our entire team remains at your disposal. Please know that you can also find documentation to download, in our Downloads section.

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Key Features


Strong, lighweight and easy to install SMC tank

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UK manufactured ensuring short lead time


Tricel Novo is certified to EN12566-3

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