Road Safety Products

SMC safety products

Tricel are the leading road safety manufacturers in the UK. We produce a full range of road safety products for every single of your needs: kerb ramps, trench covers, road plates, rumble strips and pins.

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Road Safety Products

Best Road Safety Manufacturers in the UK


Our road safety products are produced from SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). SMC is a high strength fibre reinforced sheet moulding composite. The material consists primarily of a thermosetting resin, glass fibres, and filler material, which when combined create an ultra-strong moulding facilitator.

Therefore, products made out of this material are high impact and weather resistant, while remaining extremely durable and lightweight.

Tricel, a guarantee of quality

Developed and perfected over many years in the industry, the Tricel range of products are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications: roadworks, sport events, concerts, etc.

As the leading UK road safety manufacturers, we provide high-quality products that protect both pedestrians and your workforce during construction projects on public roads.

Furthermore, Tricel road safety products are fully certified and compliant with European and British standards and often used by government agencies and utility companies.

Tricel (Gloucester) also excel in the manufacturing of composite products, supplying leading manufacturers in the construction, automotive, rail, defence, aeronautical, civil and road safety sectors. Moreover, Tricel are also a leading provider of wastewater treatment solutions, supplying septic tanks, secondary and tertiary sewage treatment plants as well as pumping stations throughout the UK.

Tricel, a large range of reliable road safety products

Tricel’s full range of products includes:

  • Kerb ramps which are ideal to allow safe passage and are suitable for various kerb heights. Anti-slip, even under the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Road plates are a safe means of maintaining traffic flow by covering apertures on roads. Most vehicles, up to 44 tonnes, can easily drive over them.
  • Rumble strips allow for the control of road traffic around excavation works where speed limits are of 70mph or less. Manufactured using a highly visible yellow reflective material. 100% road-users friendly.
  • Trench covers are highly adaptable and can cover many trench types during ongoing construction projects. Very easy and quick to install, and an effective site safety solution.
  • Fence and line pins are perfect for marking out a construction site or controlling the crowd in parking lots during events, etc.

Most of our road safety products can be customised to match your corporate identity if required. Available in a range of colours and your logo can be moulded in.

Finally, your purchased items are dispatched to your address within a few days only. You can place an order via our chat, our email, our phone number or online by filling in our contact form.

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View full range of Road Safety products available from Tricel. Including: Kerb Master, Trench Covers, RoadQuake, Roadplate and Insulated Pins

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